ARIA 1.1 defines multiple “properties” that can be applied to elements. Unlike ARIA states, most properties are likely to stay static when a page is loaded instead of changing with user interaction. Properties are inserted into elements as follows: <element aria-property="value"></element> . Example:

<button aria-haspopup="true"> Options. </button>

A screenreader will announce this button with ‘Options, button menu’ or something similar.

There are 26 properties that can be used in ARIA. They fall into 4 categories as defined by the W3C. The categories are:

Widget Attributes
Properties that give information about user input elements.
Live Region Attributes
Properties that are specific to regions that will update while the page is being viewed.
Drag-and-Drop Attributes
Properties of drag-and-drop input elements.
Relationship Attributes
Properties that give information about elements' relationships to other elements.

Note: ARIA is constantly being updated by the W3C. Read the latest working draft.

The properties are given below, along with their category, brief description, and allowed value lists or type of input allowed.

Property (links to WAI-ARIA 1.1 specs) Category Description Allowed Values (default values bolded)
aria-autocomplete Widget attributes Defines if and how autocomplete suggestions are shown none, both, inline, list
aria-haspopup Widget attributes The element can trigger a popup context menu false, true
aria-label Widget attributes Defines a label for the element (only used when label text not visible on screen) String
aria-level Widget attributes Gives hierarchical level of the element within a structure such as a tree or nested items Integer greater than or equal to 1
aria-multiline Widget attributes Text box accepts multiple lines of input, not just a single line false, true
aria-multiselectable Widget attributes User can select more than one item in a list false, true
aria-orientation Widget attributes Defines the element orientation horizontal, vertical
aria-readonly Widget attributes Element is not editable but is still readable false, true
aria-required Widget attributes User input is required false, true
aria-sort Widget attributes Gives the direction that items are sorted in a table or grid column none, ascending, descending, other
aria-valuemax Widget attributes Maximum allowed value for a range selector Number
aria-valuemin Widget attributes Minimum allowed value for a range selector Number
aria-valuenow Widget attributes Current value for a range selector Number (between aria-valuemin and aria-valuemax)
aria-valuetext Widget attributes Human readable text alternative to a value for a range selector String
aria-atomic Live region attributes Indicates whether assistive technologies will present the entire element (or only parts of it) when the element is changed false, true
aria-live Live region attributes Indicates an element will be updated and gives the type of updates the user can expect off, assertive, polite
aria-relevant Live region attributes Defines what constitutes a update requiring notification in a live region additions text, additions, all, removals, text
aria-dropeffect Drag-and-drop attributes Defines what functions can be performed when a dragged object is released on the target none, copy, execute, link, move, popup
aria-activedescendant Relationship attributes Currently active descendant of a composite widget String - ID of descendant
aria-controls Relationship attributes Element(s) controlled by current element String/list - ID(s) of element(s)
aria-describedby Relationship attributes Element(s) that describe the current element String/list - ID(s) of element(s)
aria-flowto Relationship attributes Next element(s) in alternate reading order String/list - ID(s) of element(s)
aria-labelledby Relationship attributes Element(s) that label the current element String/list - ID(s) of element(s)
aria-owns Relationship attributes Element(s) that are owned by the current element (and not denoted as such by the DOM) String/list - ID(s) of element(s)
aria-posinset Relationship attributes Element’s position in a set of items Integer
aria-setsize Relationship attributes Number of items in current set Integer
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