ARIA 1.1 defines multiple “states” that can be applied to elements. States are likely to change as the user interacts with the page. States are inserted into elements as follows: <element aria-state="value"></element> . Example:

<span aria-busy="true">This element is currently being updated. </span>

There are 10 states that can be used in ARIA. They fall into 3 categories as defined by the W3C. The categories are:

Widget attributes
States that give information about user input elements.
Live region attributes
States that are specific to regions that will update while the page is being viewed.
Drag-and-drop attributes
States of drag-and-drop input elements.

Note: ARIA is constantly being updated by the W3C. Read the latest working draft.

The states are given below, along with their category, brief description, and allowed value lists. Many states allow for either true or false, and when “undefined” is chosen it means the state is not applicable to the current element.

State (links to WAI-ARIA 1.1 specs) Category Description Allowed Values (default values bolded)
aria-busy Live region attributes The element is currently being updated false, true
aria-checked Widget attributes The input item is checked undefined, false, mixed, true
aria-current Widget attributes Indicates the element that represents the current item within a container or set of related elements page, step, location, date, time, true, false
aria-disabled Widget attributes The element is visible but not interactive false, true
aria-expanded Widget attributes The element is expanded undefined, false, true
aria-grabbed Drag-and-Drop attributes Deprecated The element is selected for dragging undefined, false, true
aria-hidden Widget attributes The element is invisible to all users (including assistive technologies) false, true
aria-invalid Widget attributes The element contains a value that doesn’t match the expected format false, grammar, spelling, true
aria-pressed Widget attributes The button is pressed undefined, false, mixed, true
aria-selected Widget attributes The element is selected undefined, false, true
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