The Accessibility Project

A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.

Getting started with ARIA

Introduction to ARIA, describing Roles, States, and Properties and when to use ARIA in HTML

How–to: Using Caption Services with HTML5 Video

How to implement captions on HTML5 video (and audio) elements.

A Primer To Vestibular Disorders

Key facts, definitions, demographics and causes of vestibular disorders.

How–to: Use Skip Navigation links

Use skip nav links to ease keyboard user fatigue and frustration.

How–to: Use TITLE attributes

Short answer: Avoid using title attributes except in a few special circumstances.

MYTH: Screen readers don’t use JavaScript

97.6% of all screen readers have JavaScript enabled.

How–to: Use role="application"

NEVER use role=application on a widely containing element such as <body> if your page consists mostly of traditional widgets or page elements.

Quick Tip: Never remove CSS outlines

Removing CSS outlines without proper fallbacks can make it impossible to navigate your site with a keyboard.